1. gingerin-thetardis:

    "Raven what’s on your face.

    It is me”

  2. Misha Collins - Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010)
  3. sunshinychick:


    (◡‿◡✿) friendly reminder: Reba aired from 2001 to 2007

    ✿ do not overlook this post!!! ✿ even if it’s not important to you it might be important to one of your followers! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ✿✿

  4. rollingrabbit:

James is team mom.


    James is team mom.

  5. kunamathesilverfilly:


    a lot of fedora-type dudes don’t actually wear fedoras, you just know them from the way they are. it’s like a personality fedora. an internal fedora

    It’s their fedaura.

  6. yes-i-am-lucifer:



    my friend Pete literally makes me cry with his snap stories

    this is me, i am pete, love me 

    we love you pete

  7. All New X-Men #13